Here is more specific information about our services:

Deep carpet cleaning
Our technician will use only today’s leading washing machine to shampoo your carpet and to extract approximately 95% of the moisture. The drying process can be speed up by opening the windows. The final result will be nice and freshly cleaned carpet with flower-like scent!
Sofa and upholstery cleaning
Give your old sofa or upholstered  furniture new life! Simply contact us and we will arrange appropriate cleaning method depending on the material of the  furniture! Remember we do clean all natural or synthetic materials, by using harmless techniques! Call us and get your free quote!
Curtains cleaning
No body can clean your delicate curtains? Unhanging and hanging the curtains is boring and painful job? We are experts at curtain cleaning, because we have gained experience and knowledge all this years on the market! We know what liquids to use to removal any stains and leave your curtains like new!
Mattress cleaning
Do you know that deep cleaning is required every 6 moths at least? Now you can organise your expert appointment easily at a very reasonable price and convenient time for you. Remove the collected filthiness and bacteria from your mattress today and grant yourself peaceful and healthy sleep!
Jet wash
You do not have the proper machine to remove all the grease and grime from your patio? Our well-trained and skilful technicians are here to safe your day! Our high pressure washing machine is top of the shelf and will clean your patio, deck or porch, the great results will be noticeable immediately!
Hard floor cleaning
We offer you less costly alternative way to renew your floor, instead of  breaking the bank on expensive sanding and refinishing. Our high class equipment, materials and liquids will remove all the time marks, foot prints or other contaminants that can easily damage your floors.

We are one of Catford’s premier cleaning companies!

Our specialty is deep carpet cleaning, however we provide a wide range of clean ups as you’ve seen above.

home-page-1We realize that the first impression is the most important. Our technical support works hard every day to provide user – friendly access to our up – to – date website. Our office representatives are fully informed and competent to give you explanations, free quotes or to book you effortlessly. Last but not least, the operatives that we send on site to perform the cleaning for you are gone through many trainings and intensive courses, so we can make sure that they will meet our special customer’s standards!


Our wish is to ensure that the first impression will last long, our customers become part of the family of Cleancare Catford! Because of them and their feedback we are able to understand what we  can do better and improve our  skills constantly! We manage to satisfy each client’s needs accurately,  and  to set up strong contacts with them!

Every day we help dozens of  people to organise the perfect service easily for  them! You just need to dial 020 8077 8869 or to send email to [email protected] to get your free quote!


Our local operatives provide the most professional service has ever seen in Catford!


As a company with hundreds customers, home security is a big deal for us and because of that all of our employees are already police checked and fully vetted! Do not worry to leave you precious home in our hands, we will take care of it like its ours!

Carpet Cleaning CatfordWhen you decide to use our licensed services you need to be confident that this is the  right choice and just enjoy of the free time that you will have instead! We are here to shorten your to-do list, so you can have enough time for the important things in your life! Even though our prices are within the means of every pocket, we do not make comprises with the high quality of our performance!

Our priority is to meet your expectations, that is why we use only professional, powerful and modern equipment and materials, and our cleaning detergents are totally non-toxic and ecologically friendly! We promote green tools at work, because we realize how important is the healthy and harmless environment is for our families!