About Us

As a small company we started working only on week days, now we are proud to say that we expanded and we are capable to accommodate each customer at the best time slot for them!

Now we work 7 days a week and we charge nothing additional for service which is booked on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays!


about-us-pageWe have spent many years in getting know every customers needs! When it comes to cleaning, we do not mess around, we regularly invest in improving our services, developing new successful methods, training the company staff, acquire newest machinery and biodegradable chemicals!

As a company we know the importance of working with reliable, trustworthy and positive people with can-do-everything attitude. As a service provider we will make sure that the operatives on site know what is the purpose of the their visit. Our cleaners and technicians are experienced and use methods and techniques to achieve optimum results that will surpass your expectations!


With Cleancare you have the advantages of:

  • free information and quotes customized just for you;
  • you hire local highly trained, hard-working and polite workers;
  • avoiding damages caused by old and used equipment, because we work only with new and high-class machines and environmental friendly liquids;
  • booking the most suitable starting hours, no matter which day of the week, Monday to Sunday and on holidays;
  • no obligating contracts, hidden charges or fees, the cleaning materials and the equipment are included in the final amount;
  • our professional and kind office representatives are always here to help you solving your problem or to give you more information;
  • affordable and reasonable prices and high quality outcomes.


People’s priorities and responsibilities change fast, life goes fast and we do not have time for our families and friends. Do not waste the short free time that you have in painful and exhausting cleaning! Do not go to second job, house cleaning, but hire us and we will help you and make your life easier and fulfilled.


Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at your  first convenience. Our office specialist, which are well-informed and competent, are here to answer all of your questions, to give you free quote, to find the perfect time for your service and book it for you at very low rates!